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Take The Anxiety Out of Illness With Dread Disease Cover

It’s easy to take good health for granted, but if you start to suffer from a serious illness your whole life will change drastically. The last thing you want when you’re undergoing treatment or trying to recover, is extra stress about your finances – instead, get peace of mind with dread disease cover.
Taking out dread disease cover will protect you and your family from extra trouble and financial problems, so if you get sick all you need to concentrate on is getting better. By choosing dread disease when you’re still healthy, you’ll be safeguarding against an uncertain future. You can create a tailored assurance policy to suit your needs – speak to one of our brokers on xxx to discuss your options.
Reduce your stress if you get seriously ill with dread disease cover Also known as critical or serious illness cover, dread disease insurance will provide a financial pay-out in either a lump-sum or monthly payment, depending on which you choose. Most policies cover cancer, stroke, heart attack, organ transplants, and full-blown AIDS; but you can customise your policy according to your needs by talking to one of our brokers on xxxxx. Remember, when you take out your dread disease policy, you must make sure to declare any pre-existing conditions.
If you do need to claim on your dread disease policy, you can spend your compensation in the way which best suits you. This might be covering your extra medical costs, on day-to-day living expenses, employing a nurse to help care for you, or travelling to see a specialist – you can choose to spend the payout in the most beneficial way for you. The money could also be used to pay off a bond or on a holiday with your family to aid your recovery. Rather than stressing about costs, or worrying about mounting bills, you’ll be able to defray expenses with the dread disease payout and focus on getting better again.
You can spend your payout however you want: from a family holiday to defraying medical expenses. Dread disease cover is separate from disability cover, so you might want to invest in disability and life insurance alongside dread disease, to ensure you’re covered for any eventuality. When you contact one of our experienced brokers, we’ll help you explore a variety of options so you can decide what’s best for you. Our brokers’ expert advice will help ensure you’re prepared for any.
We want to make your recovery as smooth as possible, which is why our customer service advisors are sympathetic and professional. We’ll make sure your claim is processed rapidly, with the minimum of fuss, and you can choose how to receive your payout.
Take the dread out of sickness – take out a policy today. Contact one of our advisors on 087 724 9390

Buy and Sell Agreements: What Are They and How Do They Work?

If you’ve built up your business with a partner, you’ll know how much you both contribute to the successful running of your company. You’ll also know that losing your partner would have colossal consequences and cause huge problems. It’s natural to want to avoid the thought of your partner falling sick or being hurt, but it’s always wise to prepare for the unexpected – buy and sell agreements will give you one less thing to worry about in the case of a tragedy.
Buy and sell agreements protect you from the financial impact of the loss of a partner. If your partner becomes seriously ill or dies, a buy and sell agreement will promptly provide you with a lump sum of money. This will mean that you can buy their share of their business, and ensure fair compensation to your partner’s family.
Take out a buy and sell agreement with your partner to take the fear out of the future. This legally binding agreement will mean that there is no confusion if the worst happens, providing clarity in a time of distress. It will ensure that your business is able to continue, rather than being put on hold and losing money, or closing permanently. You and your business partner can customise your policy to suit your needs – our experienced brokers will help you decide what cover you need and get the best solution.
A buy and sell agreement will give you immediate funds, so you can buy your partner’s share of the company. With the agreement, you won’t have to go to the bank for an expensive loan, or depend on unwilling investors or family members. A buy and sell assurance policy will help take the pain out of running your business during a crisis, and will provide for your partner’s family too.
Both you and your partner should take out a buy and sell agreement for each other, so you are both protected. This reciprocation will echo the running of your business; creating a fair and equitable solution for you both. You can set the terms for your policy, including retirement, disability, death, or change of ownership shares – one of our brokers will be able to talk you through the possibilities, and make sure you’re absolutely happy.
You can even combine your buy and sell agreement with another policy, such as Key Person Insurance (find out more, or extend your base policies with a buy and sell agreement. Speak to one of our advisors to discover more about your insurance options.
It’s time to future-proof your business. Get peace of mind now – call our expert brokers at 087 724 9390

Does your business need accidental damage cover?

Running your own business means that no day is ever the same – it’s never boring, but it’s always hard work. You know that you can never predict what’s going to happen, however hard you try. But the unexpected doesn’t have to be an extra stress: you can take take out accidental damage insurance to cover your costs, and give you one less thing to worry about.
Accidental damage cover is a special top-up that can be added to your ordinary policy, ensuring you’re covered for any eventuality. It covers you for unforeseen costs. Depending on the policies you have in place already, accidental damage will provide an extra buffer for any claims you might need to make.
Create a buffer against unexpected damages and costs Accidental damage is especially important to take out if you have several employees: the more people you have working for you, the greater the chance that an accident may occur. You can’t plan for every eventuality, especially when you have more than one employee. If you do employ a workforce, you might want to consider Employer’s Liability Insurance, which will protect you against lawsuits if one of your staff is injured in the workplace.
Your accidental damage policy will cover unintentional breakage or injury to plants, machinery, fixtures, fittings, and stock on your premises: as long as it’s not already covered by another of your insurance policies. For example, if a shelving fixture suddenly breaks, destroying your stock, you would be able to claim for the cost of the fixture and your stock. An accidental damage policy provides a valuable safety-net so those notbargained for bills don’t place a strain on your profits, or eat into your capital.
Call one of our experienced brokers on 087 724 9390 to discuss accidental damage cover and other insurance options, and they’ll share expert advice on the best policies for you.
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